Laser Guidance System

How do take your existing practice and, without adding significant overhead, double your collections?

That is a question that practically all Doctors have asked themselves at some time or other. When you start out to answer that you question you are on purpose and fired up! But as you run into barriers you get beaten down put off purpose and get caught up in the daily noise and problems of running the practice and can lose sight of that goal.

That’s where we come in.

One of the most valuable assets you can have is a coaching team that keeps that vision strong in you (and your practice) and keeps you on track to achieve it.  

Dr. Gill has a term called Potential Profit Loss. He has found through the years he has been consulting other practices that most are only collecting about 50% of the potential profit their practice could be generating if they had the correct system protocols in place. This is what we focus on. Where are you losing money that you COULD be making?

So what is the Laser Guidance System? Laser is our acronym for LEVERAGE, ACCOUNTABLITY, STREAMLINED, EXECUTION, RESULTS. Each word describes one of the key principles that our consulting team applies to help you achieve your practice goals.


Through a simple interview process we collect information on your practice in order to isolate the key resources you already have that are not being utilized to their full capacity. For example what service center fits in your purpose and could easily be added?  These are identified and then incorporated into a game plan for the practice so that they are Leveraged into increased collections.


Crucial to the success of any endeavor is making the participants accountable for their part of the operation. In the LASER, system this is done by first providing key staff with simple doable protocols and then monitoring the activity through the use of statistics. Once implemented these statistics give one the ability to quickly spot areas that are doing well and areas of the practice that need some work.  What you Measure Gets Managed - This saves time and energy and gives you, the owner, an easy way to wear your oversight hat.


Dr Gill has developed simple proven protocols for the vital functions of your practice. Clients have access to the training website where staff can download and watch short videos on how to implement these protocols. Dr Gill shares his hard earned experience on the best way he has found to handle the three most important aspects of a practice:

  1. New Patients
  2. Patient Retention
  3. Service Centers Efficiency


Nothing changes unless things get done. So execution is the key. The LASER system takes the emotion out of trying to get things done and replaces it with objective management. In other words by setting the policy (protocols), training the staff on them, and monitoring the activities through statistics you take the emotion and frustration out of getting things done. Staffs know what they are supposed to do and are trained to do it. And you don’t have to do it alone! Our Team helps you get all this implemented in your practice.


A smooth running practice where protocols are not just randomly created for one staff member but are part of an integrated whole. The data the front desk collects flows into the Verification of Insurance and new patient exams, which flows into an affordable care plan covering the services needed to restore the patient to full health, which flows into a patients who feel confident they are getting the best possible care at the right price which flows into referrals which flow into PROFITS.


It all starts with a small amount of data collection so we know what you have, what you are currently doing, what you would like to be doing more of, billings etc.

Then there is a phone consultation with Dr. Gill himself where he hones in on the things that can be done right now to increase efficiency.

This results in a Practice Game Plan which is a short 1 to 2 week program to start implementing the plan. The plan is then turned over to one of our team members who will work with you and your staff to implement it through phone, text and email.

Dr. Gill oversees the teams implementation and based on the data provides the subsequent game plans to keep the practice moving forward. Particular attention is paid to making the most of the resources you currently have.

At some point early on there is a discussion with DR Gill on what additional services centers fit into your purpose line and could be easily implemented. Once determined an implementation game plan is worked out and executed. We have resources that can help with marketing these services if need that is something that is needed and wanted.

All this is done with the understanding that you are in there every day working on delivery to your patients. So we don’t overwhelm you with long term programs. Our Operating basis is to provide you with focused, short term, bite sized programs so they can be implemented to produce big results.

Turn key systems to take control of your medical practice today!
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