Dr. Sunny Gill


Hi, I am Dr. Gill and some of you know who I am and for those of you who don’t know a bit about me, well I’m a Chiropractor from Kingston WA . Before I opened my own practice I worked for another Chiropractor  and learned everything there was to know about bringing new patients into the office and about Chiropractic  therefore I literally had to learn about Chiropractic from my clinical experiences and the miracles we produce. As an associate I lectured, screened, spent hours learning scripts, I listened, took notes practiced and practiced until I owned it. As an associate it was difficult for me to do lectures… I hated it. The doctor I worked for made me do them weekly. I would literally stress out the night before, barely sleep, stress during the day of work and then force myself to speak in front of 8 people. My first talk we had 8 guests and I closed none,… I was sure I wouldn’t have to do another one. But the owner made me go back out there. My second talk we had 6 guests…. Didn’t change anything, wasn’t any better at doing them, but I closed 4. All 4 signed up for long term care… and over their first few weeks of care, I realized from their testimonials how much their lives had changed for the better, daily headaches….gone. Chronic fatigue….gone….. That’s when I realized we need to do more lectures…… from that second lecture I had purpose and was on a mission. If the pharmaceutical companies weren’t taking a day off, neither were we.

After a year of being an associate I bought my own practice. It was definitely in survival mode. I knew the power of Chiropractic, I had purpose and I knew how to bring new patients into my door. The reason I was in survival mode was because I had mortgaged my mom’s house to pay for schooling (Canadians do not get student loans to go to American Schools)and now convinced my brother to get a line of credit to pay for my practice. The truth was that they really didn’t believe I could do it….. They were stressed more than me… in fact the exact words my brother told me was…. DO YOU KNOW WHAT YOUR DOING? I’ll never forget those words, I had no response, and those words were embedded into my mind for the next few weeks “DO YOU KNOW WHAT YOUR DOING? I was officially in survival mode. I started to second guess myself, but was able to realize that I knew one thing…how to bring new patients through that door. I realized I had to Methods that worked. I hooked up with a consultant  I screened 5-7 times per week, lectured 2x per week, if there was one person at a talk, I closed them. If I screened a 3 day weekend show, I signed up a bus load. I was in survival mode so I just closed any chance I got. We started the office with zero patient and in 1 month were up to 100PV/week, in 2 months we were at 200PV/week and 6 months at 350/week. Within 1 calendar year I paid my brother and mom back every penny I had borrowed.

Over the next year, I wasn’t the best at keeping patients but it was a numbers game for me, I just kept bringing them through the door. Some weeks I saw 40 new patients. My PVA was super low, but I was more than just surviving, I was extremely successful. Over the next 2 years we learned the 4 day ROF and handling patient finances and we were seeing 600/week, and currently we maintain that stat of 600PV/week, but it’s a different kind of 600/week, we do high dollar services because we have been trained on systems to educate patients on our care, and they have no problems paying for our services, we create no confusion on what we do and what we offer. Over the years I have made a lot of mistakes, but there was always a system to correct and take control of any situation I faced.

Today and tomorrow were going to go over new ways to bring new ones in the door. Don’t expect people to just walk in the door.

- We have to stand up for our right as chiropractors, acupuncturists.

Robert Schwartz

Robert started his first business at the age of 18. After only 6 years of running a business himself, he was able to acquire the F.W. Woolworth Co. account in 1981. Upon discovering lots of success with Woolworths, Robert spent the next 14 years opening and establishing over 1,000 retail locations in shopping malls across the U.S. and Canada, hiring and training over 6,000 employees. In order to manage so many locations Robert researched, implemented and developed successful business practices which have enabled him to fully control and manage each location all while having the quality of life he wanted with minimal stress levels.

This understanding led Robert to Consulting back in 2000. Since then Robert has worked with very successful people who own their own company or hold executive positions at some of the world’s top companies.

Robert met Dr. Gill in 2015 and over the years they realized that with Dr. Gills Health Practitioner expertise in both Consulting and having one of the top Wellness Clinics on the West Coast,  along with  Robert’s first hand experience in the trenches they would make a good team to help Health Care Professionals achieve their goals and thus what is now called LASER Consulting was formed.

Sam Licciardi

Sam Licciardi is a Senior Sales & Marketing Expert with over 30 years’ experience in Business Management. His well-rounded business experience provides a wealth of information and ability to evaluate relative importance necessary for business growth.

He has worked in several industries including, Business Management, Medical Detox, Accounting Software, Security Software,. As a Senior Executive, he grew several companies to the point where they were privately sold or went public in an IPO. ( RealWorld, Sunbelt Software, Digital Lightwave).

Rayshel Stanton

Rayshel Stanton is a Wellness Professional with a Bachelor in Holistic Health Sciences . She focuses on whole body wellness as a main factor in the individuals health and wellness program. She is a Holistic Health Practitioner (HHP), certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP) and a certified Life Coach from the World Coaching Institute. Rayshel is currently continuing her studies to receive her PhD degree in Natural Medicine. Rayshel has been working as a Wellness Coach for 5 years out of the 15 years working in Natural Health. Rayshel has the natural ability to connect with her clients; truly understanding their needs and health concerns. One of her goals is to help Empower individuals from their core helping them accomplish their wellness goals and lifestyle changes.

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